FT2024-05-19 Ligue 1
FT2024-05-15 Ligue 1
FT2024-05-12 Ligue 1
FT2024-05-09 Europa League
FT2024-05-02 Europa League
FT2024-04-28 Ligue 1
FT2024-04-24 Ligue 1
FT2024-04-21 Ligue 1
FT2024-04-18 Europa League
FT2024-04-11 Europa League
FT2024-04-05 Ligue 1
FT2024-03-31 Ligue 1
FT2024-03-17 Ligue 1
FT2024-03-14 Europa League
FT2024-03-10 Ligue 1
FT2024-03-07 Europa League
FT2024-03-02 Ligue 1
FT2024-02-25 Ligue 1
FT2024-02-22 Europa League
FT2024-02-18 Ligue 1
FT2024-02-15 Europa League
FT2024-02-09 Ligue 1
FT2024-02-04 Ligue 1
FT2024-01-27 Ligue 1
FT2024-01-21 Cup France
FT2024-01-12 Ligue 1
FT2024-01-07 Cup France
FT2023-12-20 Ligue 1
FT2023-12-17 Ligue 1
FT2023-12-14 Europa League
FT2023-12-10 Ligue 1
FT2023-12-06 Ligue 1
FT2023-12-03 Ligue 1
FT2023-11-30 Europa League
FT2023-11-25 Ligue 1
FT2023-11-12 Ligue 1
FT2023-11-09 Europa League
FT2023-11-04 Ligue 1
FT2023-10-26 Europa League
FT2023-10-21 Ligue 1

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